Young specialist: so, is it good or bad?

Young specialist: so, is it good or bad?

My thoughts.

Looking on the new and older generation, I came to the following:

– It is much easier for a young specialist to be pliable, to acquire new, sometimes non-standard knowledge. The older generation often has its own firm views, which cannot be changed.

– Young people are not so scared to rebel against the system and to use (create) non-standard approaches.

– It is also easier for Young people to learn new technologies and IT-systems, to be on the Internet and, accordingly, try to be “closer” to their clients/analysts.

– Young people do not yet have 100% confidence that they are right. They do not follow the rules and instructions blindly, if they need, they can easily consult with colleagues, with other specialized professionals. (I often do that.)

– Young people are not ashamed of their “lack of knowledge”, they are open to learning new things and are ready to change their views, fix deficiencies.

Certainly, there is a big “BUT”!

The older generations have invaluable experience that they pass on to the young.

Of course, the most ideal option is not to discover the continents again, but to complement each other; when there is intergenerational interaction and mutual assistance. One cannot divide people into good and bad. Everywhere there are both good and not very good specialists. ⠀

I wish you to get only to first-class specialists. To the specialists, who are constantly evolving, and as it is said, “God inspired”.

I thank all my analysts and subscribers for your trust!

When I give up, you are motivation and support for me.

Therefore, it’s wonderful when there is an equivalent exchange.

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