Self-love is nonsense!

because in reality there is no self, you know it! But until we get to the point of awareness to understand it, or until we go out of time and space again (egolessness, selflessness, samadhi), we have a self. An illusory self, in an illusory world and matrix. So, my recommendation, Love Yourself, as long as you are here in this simulation, and have an imaginary “I”.

Most of us have forgotten to love ourselves in childhood – and we have closed our hearts in fearfulness, but on the other hand we are constantly chasing after some saviors (knights, princes, or princesses) on the outside.
The next dream man
The next dream woman
The next dream job
The next dream vacation
The next dream house
This is absolutely hopeless.

The central key to success and fulfillment in love is radical self-love.
Without it you can’t do anything!

By the way, you don’t have to be an egoist or narcissist for that, ala’ ~ “Me me me. Please look how great I am.” (Or egoistically marching ahead without regard for losses.)

That’s just another desperate expression of inner emptiness and compensating it by attention and admiration of others. This has nothing at all to do with self-love!

True love is quiet, gentle, humble and modest.
And, only those who love themselves can truly love, and only those who love themselves can be loved.

That is very romantic!

So, let’s relearn how to open our heart again and how to love ourselves again.

From the heart.

P.s. I am finally realizing that loving myself is my greatest task in this life. Radical self-love is the key to a true happy life. Without self-love, a fulfilling happy harmonious relationship with other people is completely impossible.