International Center FORTHELM


Forthel´m – is a unique center of true experts and practitioners in the field of psychology and parapsychology from every corner of the world. Here everyone can get assistance and support, start a path of improvement, learning and self-understanding. Restore your physical, energetic, spiritual and mental health. 


Who are we?

A positive, educated, energetic and gifted team is ready to share their knowledge and experience.

You will get your personal working tools to apply to your life! Experts of our center will help you in the roughest and bad situations.

Knowledge, the ability to listen and the vast experience of the team will help to achieve the best result of your life.

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We are ready to share our knowledge and experience.

We can train you and show practical solutions. We are able to help in rough life situations. We are able to give a clue to where you should go in your life. We are able to charge you with positive energy and reveal your talent.


This wonderful knowledge is almost everything!

Each of you will be welcomed.
Forthelm ® | 44 03 04 | 80803 München

Forthel´m center is located in the heart of Bavaria.

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