A story from @ali_shanti_13’s psi-experience.

A story from @ali_shanti_13’s psi-experience.
Half a year ago I returned from a @aluna_retreats retreat with Ayahuasca and Bufo.
Upon my return I felt refreshed, but definitely realized that I was determined to keep working!

I had my eye on @roman_en_psyme.eu and then decided not to hesitate and dive into the experience accompanied by him online.

In the preparatory conversation, Roman gave me the task of composing a request.
I wrote it up quickly, thinking that it was no big deal.
I know exactly what I want!

But all my quickly formulated requests were overturned by Roman).
He very kindly explained to me how to formulate a request to avoid the ego to take everything at once).
I spent three hours reorganizing myself and wrote 10 requests, five of which Roman took into work and approved).
I was surprised by his thorough approach. Before the session he sent me five voice mails with instructions and guidance.

The session started with Roman’s voice, which I found so lulling and made me want to relax and lie down.
Then I encountered my own resistance, when relaxation flowed like waves through my body I fidgeted. I had thoughts that nothing would work out, that I was wasting my time, who is this man with whom I do not know and why should I trust him?

I voiced these thoughts to Roman and he calmly replied: so the process is going on!
We gently passed these layers of resistance and I got a lump in my throat.

I saw the kindergarten yard. Everything is so clear and detailed with my eyes closed. The gazebo, the sandbox, the lime trees…
I stood with my favorite purple dress and waited for my grandmother. Seeing her silhouette, a lump in my throat burst out in tears and sobs.
How much I love my grandmother!
This love was huge, but it was as if it was confined in a small room inside me. And then the doors of this room opened and it began to pour out with tears, grunting, squelching with the words: how much I love you grandma!
God how could I have forgotten that love!

I don’t know how long this process lasted,
but my eyes were puffy for three days.)

When the stream of tears dried up we flew on.
I really flew over my hometown.

Watching from above the pictures of my school, the house where I grew up…memories and feelings surfaced.