Роман Пфёстл

Greetings to You

Roman Pföstl, psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst.
Member of Professional Association of German Psychologists, Community Meditation Steps e.V. and organizer of the center Forthelm.

I render professional psychological help:
grave conditions after nervous breakdowns, alarm conditions, panic attacks, suicidal conditions and depressions, alcohol and food addictions, offer consultations for couples etc.

Can help to find and return lost links between body, fillings and soul, overcome hard and critical situations and find the way out. Uncover hidden, unrealized or blocked potential. I hope my knowledge and skill in the field of physiology and integrated medicine can contribute in solving difficulties in your life.


Psychotherapy and psychoanalytic consultations,
for people who want to improve the quality of their life

Psychotherapy will help you with various psychological and psychosomatic complaints like burnout, depression, anxiety disorders (fear of failure, social anxiety, fear of the future), emotional stagnation, negative self-image and thinking, learning to set boundaries, etc.


I am your individual instrument, which is ready to listen to you, to hear and to see just you, the present and each time different one, in different mood, in different feelings, to take you as you are and help you!

I take on your condition and problem, plunge into your anxiety and, being a psychoanalyst, I process it and look for ways to resolve the situation suitable for you, taking into account the peculiarities of your life, upbringing and past experience.

IM & CAM MEdicin

 Alternative psycho-integration therapy.

Psychedelic therapy is the work with the subconscious and the immersion and analysis of transcendental transformational experience in a psychoanalytic and Jungian context after the fact.

The method includes the use of psychedelic substances and herbs to facilitate the therapeutic process. Different from a guided psychedelic session in which the sitter/facilitator/shaman is present while the client is in an altered state of consciousness.

It is used as an alternative method of psychotherapy and in some cases has a faster and more effective method of psychotherapy. 



Energy and holistic medicine.

Holistic work on the causes of ailments,
a combination of alternative and standard methods, considering the person as a single whole.

According to the principles of the American Holistic Medicine Association, when assessing the general condition, it is necessary to take into account the spiritual aspects – as the unity of the body, mind, psyche, energy, soul and spirit.

Parasitology, nutrition, energy work, etc.


Pushkin State University
Psychology of Personality
Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis 

I have a background in psychology: Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis “MIP” – Russia, Association for Clinical Psychoanalysis “Clinical Psychoanalysis of Ego Deficient States” – Kyiv, Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology “IP & CP” – Moscow.

In addition to psychological education, I also was educated at Russian State Social University (RSSU) (Law | Marketing) – Pyatigorsk / Moscow, Sukhumi Open Institute (International Relations) – Abkhazia.

I passed the extra courses“Stress Management”, “Burnout Prevention”, “Sexology”, “Mental Evolution”, “Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice”, “Women’s Health”, “Synergy Health”, “CO2 Breathing”, “Dietology – Nutrition”, “Yoga coach in Yoga Vidya – Munich” “Energy Healer in Anael Center – Chelyabinsk”, etc.

Additional seminars“The Trauma of the Inner Child” “Signs and Symbols,” “The Evolution of Psychoanalysis” “Cute Aggression, Habitual Fear, Available Freedom,” “Comprehensible Psychoanalysis,” “Parenteral Period,” “Psychoanalytic Exorcism”, “Revealing the Secrets of Dreams”, etc.

I passed more than 1500 hours of personal psychoanalysis and supervision.

Roman Pföstl

Consultation options:

Personal consultation: 55€ ╽ Online: 35€
Duration: 1.3 hours

Consultation hours: Berlin 9am-7pm | Dubai 10am-9pm | Sydney 4pm-5am | New York 11pm-3pm | Los Angeles 10pm-1pm

WhatsApp +4915759715996
If I don’t pick up the phone or answer your message, don’t be upset and don’t worry, most likely, I’m working and will answer as soon as I’m free.

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