Self-examination, when should you stop?

Self-examination, when should you stop?

Now the psychology tends to immediately immerse into trauma.

Without proper preparation and development of the foundation to hold on to (when you are going crazy). As a result, the analysand examines himself/herself all the time in the course of therapy. At some point, you may feel that self-examination is the real goal of therapy. Oh, we like masochism so much, we cannot miss it.

Unfortunately, this is what we need at the early stages.

We will have to open this tin can with rotten content, at least have a dig at this old trauma to understand what made a person to seek therapy. And this is where the fun begins:

– Will a person immerse into this trauma?

– Is a person able to stop in time?

– Won`t a person go crazy from memories?

– An analyst will help and move synchronically with an analysand or push him/her to this abyss (trauma)

– Does an analyst have strength and power to contain all this and slow down an analysand in time?

Is it really useful, does it even effective?

When is it better to stop?

Self-examination is useful within reasonable limits, I want to tell as a beginning nutritionist. However, damn it, how much energy it takes. I still cannot find a 100% answer to the question: ‘Should I immerse into childhood and trauma?’ Where is this stop when a client cannot say stop himself/herself?

What are the consequences of re-traumatization?

That is right, the trauma can be stirred up and the mental state will be overwhelmed completely and an analysand will be trying to get off with the whole strength (if the strength is left). It breaks a person, there are already lots of scars, and here it is, one more punch. A person begins to live in the past and becomes more and more detached from reality. All the colors of the world fade, all achievements become worthless and only pain remains. Yes, and damn, it is impossible at this moment to tell yourself – this pain is not real, it is from the past, no big deal, it does NOT hurt!

But it hurts so much! And at some point, there is a blockage, apathy, nervous breakdown, depression, and the multipresent pain. There is no place to hide because the pain is inside, the pain is not physical (it can be dulled), but much worse. You will not hide it, heal it quickly or dull it with tablets.

In this condition, you are no longer able to analyze, examine or develop yourself. At this point, the best thing you can do is save yourself. The worst is to feel fear and horror of the crash against this abyss. You feel hopelessness understanding that this abyss is inside you, that it will not disappear anywhere, and hundreds of years will not be enough to heal it.

That is why it is necessary to build the foundation of confidence, and when a ‘whirlwind of pain from the past’ starts to draw you, there will be something to hold on to)

Take care!