Wat are you generating? What emotion are you feeling right now?

When a person does not truly understand his/her inner nature, does not feel alive,  he/she is accepting other people`s ideas, images, goals and icons.

What are you generating? What emotion are you feeling right now?

A human being does not accept emptiness. Few are aware of what to do with that, how to fill the vacuum. Since childhood people are not filled with themselves. It feels like a stuffed stomach. You need to starve to realize what true hunger is. If you fail to do so and quickly stuff the space, you will not discover what you need. When I was in Germany, I heard an interesting thought: ‘As long as people are hungry, they think of food and survival, they will have neither the time, nor the strength for growth, they will nor care for political state or how to build a democratic country – that is why every person must be fed first’

Try to spend time with yourself. Watch yourself in peace and silence. How many impulses YOU are generating? Do you understand them? Have you been taught this?

What do you want right now? What do you need?

You may be astonished when you realize that you do not know what you really want and what is happening to you. Lots of ​​unknown impulses of your body and soul … Maybe you will see that you have no desires or that you fight them. This is what makes people be afraid. And then they catch what surrounds them and begin to do many unnecessary, chaotic things. Most importantly! Do not stay face to face with this horror of emptiness.

I really understand the feeling of the crash against this bottomless sea.

It’s like walking the street and stuffing bags with everything that meets your eye. And people tend to look at what others stuff in their bags and look for the same things around. You know, people around are so enthusiastic!

What exactly do I need? Why do I need this? What will I do with this?

Try to calm down. Be an observer. After all, you are in surplus supply. Take a break.

The only way to understand what you need and what you feel is to stop yourself!