Try to prove it!

Try to prove it!

Give me a 100 percent guarantee! Prove it to me! How are you going to prove that you are a skilled specialist? Prove that it will help me!

People often behave this way, they even do not say hello or goodbye. The very first message demands – ‘Prove it.’ I used to face it in esotericism, even though I was astonished when faced it in psychology.

At some point, I end up hooked on thinking: ‘Do I act weird? Can I somehow explain and prove it?’

However, the point is that such things as psychology, yoga, consciousness, soul … are impossible to examine with x-rays or scientifically prove it. Even when we have the skull opened, we will not find answers and evidence in there.. That is why only the results may serve as evidence to a person who is ready to find a compromise and accept changes. This path may be rough and unpleasant. I am also a person and also learn my life ‘lessons’.

In the early days, I felt battered all the time, experienced inferiority and despair. I used to believe that I was wrong, abandoned, not like all the others… that I needed a 150th diploma to prove someone my expertise. Too little diplomas, too many diplomas, too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, etc. – tricks and excuses of those who have come to a concussion hat: ‘NO ONE IS GOING TO HELP ME”!

I appreciate people who are next to me and who were next to me, who helped me grow my personality, who helped me find ways to create supports in my psyche and reach out to my soul. You will make it happen as well. Your Roman.