Take good care of yourself, your psyche/body and the people around/the world.

It is important to learn to take good care of yourself, your psyche/body and the people around/the world. This is the only sequence that will function to the full extend, no other options.

However, society tends to see self-care as something selfish, it believes that you would better save the world, it is a sacred thing and you are not allowed to touch it.  

However, at some point, a person realizes that it is the best time for self-care. BUT HOW TO IMPLEMENT THAT? Some people just fail to take care of themselves, their health, and spirit. They were not taught this, nobody told them about the truth, and that such a possibility really exists! You can miss for a while, cry, feel sorry for yourself and enable partial load mode. At the end of the day, you just put a boldfaced type sheet of paper on the fridge telling: LOVE YOURSELF! (and it is better to use a commanding tone: you filthy dog!)

The years rolled by and there is still no love and self-care; moreover, a person does not even realize the situation they are stuck in. Being at the end of the tether, all exhausted and burnt out … when everything is already burnt to ashes when there is no more strength to stand up or a helping hand to take purchase on…, comes the realization: ‘it doesn’t feel right! At some point, a wrong turn was chosen!’

We run to the fridge and see, thank God, LOVE YOURSELF note, it is still here, everything is just fine … But at the same time, something is gnawing at your heart, your body hurts … and you feel sick of own helplessness and abeyance, what to do?… what exactly to do …?

In a logical way, at such moments, a kind of survival and self-preservation mechanism should turn on and say ‘Hey, save yourself Vasya! Let’s pull at the HAIR, push, and row, the oxygen is up there! You will make it! ‘But this never happens, there is no strength, no energy, you run out of all the resources. And in any case, you are not allowed to save yourself, and one more question is where to get the strength to overcome these bans?

At some point the strength comes back, but instead of saving themselves, such people strive to save others, the world, the planet, the universe and the gods (traditions), any number of things – but not themselves!

And that is not their fault.

They simply do not know what ‘FOR YOURSELF’ means. Since nobody ever took care of them they learned to hide all the pain and anxiety inside. When they were children nobody supported and said ‘you can pull it off’. They learned to pretend that they do not feel pain, that they are not scared, and that they do not get offended. They learned to see the opposite reality, create labyrinths from illusions and fund excuses for other people. This is hard work and the only way out for a child.

The difference is that these adult people play by the old rules. They are strolling through their labyrinths and run away from the terrible ‘darkness’. They try to avoid their real and alive self…God forbid that!

Any attempts to help yourself are ill-fated.

From the very beginning, they face the bans and the abyss of loneliness, abeyance or pain, labyrinths of illusions created in the past. And a memory makes it even worse reminding of how it is scary and painful, and that they can never help themselves: ‘Do you recall? We tried this before, it didn’t work out! You don’t need to pay attention, you don’t need to cope with this, do not come near, do not come near, do not come near.’ And a person believes that the pain is not forever and everything will be fine…


The impulse is here, already rushing, ready to beat the challenge.

As a result, they, again and again, begin to take care of others (people, animals, and the world) by all means.

To find the way out of the trap of your consciousness and your own illogical protection from pain and burnout, first of all, you have to realize what is going on inside you. What is broken or what is missing. This is something that you miss from childhood, you were not taught how to take care of yourself or, how esotericism calls it, how to love yourself. (first, the psyche is unable to decode this unknown cipher, do not try to put it on a wall or a fridge) and then we can learn to love our bodies and ‘the whole world’.

To be able to take care of or understand the world and people living in it, you have to learn self-love, self-care, and self-understanding. At worst, you can harm others and yourself …

You are the most valuable thing you have …