‘Many people are not ready for true feelings ..’

‘Many people are not ready for true feelings ..’

Most people live by templates and standard reactions. This behavior originates from childhood or from the years to work to overcome childhood principles.

Our society tends to hide a lot of things, keep something back, it is common to be obedient, convenient, ideal, plastic and safe.

I noticed this very clearly when I began to share my real feelings, conditions, thoughts, joys and sorrows. Many people I interact with have their brains frozen. This is really unexpected and scary to know the real nature of a person. Many people do not know how to respond. They just have no ready reactions and templates of responses. In order to think you need to spend lots of resources. Life in autopilot mode is much more energysaving. People do not understand what to say in such moments, they are confused and do not know how to continue the conversation.

It reminds me of sketches from books for learning foreign languages: ‘Hello Mr. Smith, hello Mrs. so-and-so.’ A set of ready questions, answers and templates for any situation.

It was interesting how some people continued to pretend that nothing happened and behave in a standard way. I even sometimes notice when they try to lean on me. The answer is no, attempts to keep in touch, build new boundaries, new principles in communication spectacularly fail. The standard template comes in response.

Of course, there are people who were surprised and enthusiastic to reach out to me. It helped to open themselves.

Alive, real, with imperfections and mistakes, muggled, cranky, filled with energy and feelings – these are the real people))