Review. PSI-therapy and Shamanic Journey

Thank you Roman for such a great and amazing private ceremony and psy-therapy, you are the person of trust!!! Your energy was guiding my spirit all the way and opened those channels which were closed!

The slogan of this trip was – I allow myself to be who I am! I ALLOW! You beautiful and sparkling energy brought me to the starting point of my next chapter and my way!! I am so greatfull to universe for the possibility to cross my way with such a soul as YOURS!

The trip of today opened a lot of ways to me as I ALLOWED them to be in my life and it already started !!!!! I got such a great talk with my sister and now I can clearly see what I need to do!! During this trip I was always getting some thoughts in my mind-„I am ready to go to the next level“ and thanks to you and you blessed guidance I AM READY!! 🙏🙏🙏